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2013 World Changers In Action Here in the Pettaway Community

2013 World Changers In Action Here in the Pettaway Community 

We were  fortunate to have the World Changers group working within our community assisting some of our elderly residents who needed their homes repaired.

Some of our elderly residents received brand-new roofs; homes repainted and new siding.  We have been truly blessed by this group that has made tremendous changes in the housing situation and lives of our elderly within our village.

Humbly Submitted,

Maggie Hawkins, Community Facilitator

East Broadway/ E 21 Street Alert Center

500 East 21 Street

Here are some World Changers in action pictures…

worldchangers 1 web worldchangers 2 web


Good News For Elderly Residents Within The Pettaway Area



Little Rock
World Changers

July 8-13-2013



The World Changers group will hold a Press Conference on July 9th at 10:00 a.m., at Mrs. Pearlie Hill residence which is 2020 Rock Street.   Some of our other elderly residents whose name I submitted for housing assistance are the following Mrs. Hattie Higgs, who lives at 2302 Commerce and Mrs. Tom Gladys whose address is 1516 Bragg Street.  If you have time in your schedule please attend this event and help us show appreciation to the World Changers with our attendance.

These houses will be power washed, scrapped down, boards replaced and painted at no cost to the owner.  Mrs. Hill will have her roof totally replaced and she is truly excited about her blessing because she has been waiting for a while.  It is a blessing when one learns how to just be patient and God will work everything out if it is within his will.

We are also thankful to have volunteers such as the World Changers which consist of volunteers who are teenagers and adults who are blessing our community with their talents, love and compassion toward mankind.


Humbly Submitted for Review,


Maggie Hawkins, Community Facilitator

East 21 Street Alert Center

500 East 21 Street


Central Arkansas Banking and Community Fair Saturday, April 6th at Dunbar Community Center

Bank Fair AR Community Organizations

Pettaway Neighborhood Association Meets 6pm, Thursday, March 21st. at the East Broadway Alert Center

pettiway-park-neighborhood-association-logo-11.jpgThe Pettaway Neighborhood Association will hold its monthly neighborhood association meeting open to all residents of Pettaway community, their families and friends on March 21, 2013, 6pm at the East Broadway Alert Center.  The Pettaway N.A. meets on the third Thursday of every month at 6pm.  This  meeting will take place in the East Broadway Alert Center, 500 East 21st Street (at the corner of Commerce Street).

Come find out what is happening in and around your community.  Meet your neighbors. We look forward to seeing you.


Get a Home Security Survey and protect your home

city-of-little-rock-logoCity of Little Rock Community Oriented Policing Officer, Officer Charles Nellums is extending an invitation to residents who live within the East Broadway Alert Center jurisdiction (which includes the Pettaway Community) to receive a FREE Home Security Survey.

A Home Security Survey is a critical on-sight examination of a property to determine what the present security
status is, identify any deficiencies or excesses of security, determine what level of protection is needed, and make
recommendations to improve the overall security of the premises.

Officer Nellums will come to your home and provide a security survey to assist you in securing your home.  If you are interested please contact Officer Charles Nellums directly at cnellums@littlerock.org and/or contact the Alert Center at 501.376.3406.

Community Oriented Policing Officer

Community Oriented Police (COPP) officers work out of the Neighborhood Alert Centers to develop a working relationship with neighbors for overall safety and crime reduction. The Little Rock Police Department implemented the program, originally consisting of nineteen (19) Police Officers assigned to intensified patrols in various neighborhoods throughout the City, in June 1992. These original patrols areas were selected on the basis of citizen requests for service concerning targeted offenses (drug, property crimes), crime statistics, the proximity of schools and recreational facilities, and the anticipated locations of Alert Centers. Depending upon the specific areas and the terrain, these Officers either walk, ride a bicycle, or ride a horse to accomplish their patrols. Officers on horseback are often assigned to parks or hilly areas of the City. The Bicycle Officers are often assigned to central portions of the City where the streets are flatter and there are fewer sidewalks. The foot patrols are assigned to neighborhoods much smaller in size where they can be visible and serve as a crime deterent.

Although Officers in the community policing program work substantially smaller beats, community oriented policing is not simply a “cop on a small beat” program. Instead, the smaller beats provide residents with the opportunity to get to know an Officer and for the Officer to meet neighbors and become aware of neighborhood issues and dynamics. The program fosters bonds between the citizens of the neighborhoods and the Police Officers who serve them, opens new channels of communications and understanding, and provides neighborhoods with an effective resource tool to assist in improvements in the physical appearance, safety and sense of security in the neighborhood. As community oriented policing is to be a pro-active approach to fighting crime and an attempt to get to the root causes of problems, COPP Officers are encouraged to actively participate in neighborhood activities and projects and to explore solutions to area problems beyond the traditional law enforcement framework.         (excerpt taken from www.littlerock.org, City of Little Rock)

First Pettaway Neighborhood Association Meeting of the 2013 Year!

Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 6pm is the first Pettaway Neighborhood Association Meeting of the Year!  Come, bring your neighbor and friends and find out what good things have been taking place in your neighborhood.  Snacks and Beverage will be shared at this meeting to celebrate our new year.  Fellowship, get involved.  Annual dues are $10 and although they are not mandatory for both your participation and representation they support your association.   See you Thursday!

Little Rock City Crews Picking up Storm Debris



Ice Storm Update

(from City of Little Rock Website “City Spotlight”)

Storm debris from the Christmas Day Winter Event continues to be collected by Public Works Crews six (6) days a week in each of the City’s seven (7) Wards.  To date, more than 1,700 tons of debris has been collected and taken to the Little Rock Landfill, where it will be turned into mulch.

Initially, in order to help crews locate the most concentrated areas of fallen trees, limbs, etc., citizens had been asked to utilize the 311 System to report debris.  Now those crews are being directed to conduct a systematic clean-up of the City. Citizens may still report storm debris via 311 and their request will be included in a continuously evolving list; however, it is important to note that every street will eventually have all storm debris removed, whether a 311 call has been made or not.

According to City Manager Bruce Moore, a FEMA declaration is expected very soon, which will allow the City to hire independent contractors – through a bid process – to assist in the removal of storm debris.  With the addition of hired contractors, the speed of the clean-up process will increase noticeably.  City Manager Moore would like to personally thank all of the residents of Little Rock for their patience and understanding during this difficult time.

Once clean-up has begun on a particular street, Public Works Operations Crews will remove storm debris piles from both sides of the street.  If the crews encounter storm debris and/or objects that are too heavy to be removed, the address will be added to the schedule for a larger piece of equipment to return at a later date to complete the clean-up process.

Solid Waste Crews continue to pick-up trash and normal yard waste contained in bags or personal cans, and are also coordinating with Operations Crews to assist in storm debris pick-up.

In addition, the Public Works Department has two (2) crews patching potholes and two (2) additional crews operating street sweepers.



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