Love Your Block! – Pettaway Neighborhood Community Project

The Pettaway neighborhood received a $1000 award to create a community inspired mural depicting the history, love and light of the Pettaway neighborhood to be painted on the northeast wall of the I-30 overpass at East 17th and McAlmont Streets (in downtown Little Rock).

(For a flyer click here)

The mural will incorporate ceramic tiles/pieces designed by children enrolled at Winthrop Rockefeller Elementary and Early Childhood Magnet School.  Also designing ceramic tiles/pieces will be children 9ages 1 day to 18 years) residing in the Pettaway community.  The mural will be completed November 30, 2012.

The Pettaway N.A. will hold a city wide contest to identify a muralist.  Applications can be found on our blog or at the East Broadway Alert Center (500 East 21st Street).  Deadline to submit application/mural design is September 4, 2012.

Children who reside in the Pettaway Community or who attend Rockefeller Elementary will have the opportunity to design a ceramic tile/piece that the identified muralist will incorporate in his/her mural design for the Pettaway Community.  Children/Youth will be design their pieces during the month of September.  Please check our blog for updates.

To learn more about this project and the Pettaway community come to the Annual Silver Senior Pettaway Community Festival, Saturday, August 25, 2012 at Pettaway Park and/or call Kwadjo Boaitey at 501.786.4255, Carol Tabron 501.554.5954, Maggie Hawkins 501.376.3406.


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