21st Street Alert Center News: Accomplishments and Celebration

 Accomplishments and Celebration for residents in East Broadway Alert Center Boundaries

East Broadway Alert Center

East Broadway Alert Center


2013 Cereal Drive

I would like to thank each person who donated toward the Cereal Drive.  We had residents from the Pettaway neighborhood association as well as the Dunbar Class of 1948, Horace Class of 1967, Pettaway Silver Senior group, the Road to Success organization and Out of the Attic History Gallery who so graciously donated toward this endeavor.

I was happy to transport 85 boxes of cereal to City Hall for the Cereal Drive which in turn was given to Arkansas Food Bank for hungry Arkansans during the summer months.  Again, “thank you” for your continued support toward assisting me in whatever project I ask you to participate in.

2013 World Changers Press Conference  

To all residents within the Pettaway Park neighborhood, we are again fortunate to have the World Changer group that will be working within our community assisting some of our elderly residents who need their homes painted.

The Press Conference will be held at 2020 Rock Street at the home of Mrs. Pearlie Hill on tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.  Not only will her home be painted but they have already removed the old roof and she now has a beautiful brand new roof that she is so very proud to have.   Mrs. Hattie Higgs, a 92 year young resident who lives on Commerce Street as well as Mrs. Gladys’s Toms, an 84 year young   resident who lives on Bragg Street will also have their homes scrapped, caulked, rotten boards removed if needed and painted through the City program with the World Changer group.


We are truly blessed to have a group that will again make some tremendous changes in the housing situation and lives of our elderly within our village.

There is one more drive that I am participating in and I will again need your assistance in order to be successful.

Humbly Submitted,

Maggie Hawkins, Community Facilitator

East Broadway/ E 21 Street Alert Center

500 East 21 Street







Good News For Elderly Residents Within The Pettaway Area



Little Rock
World Changers

July 8-13-2013



The World Changers group will hold a Press Conference on July 9th at 10:00 a.m., at Mrs. Pearlie Hill residence which is 2020 Rock Street.   Some of our other elderly residents whose name I submitted for housing assistance are the following Mrs. Hattie Higgs, who lives at 2302 Commerce and Mrs. Tom Gladys whose address is 1516 Bragg Street.  If you have time in your schedule please attend this event and help us show appreciation to the World Changers with our attendance.

These houses will be power washed, scrapped down, boards replaced and painted at no cost to the owner.  Mrs. Hill will have her roof totally replaced and she is truly excited about her blessing because she has been waiting for a while.  It is a blessing when one learns how to just be patient and God will work everything out if it is within his will.

We are also thankful to have volunteers such as the World Changers which consist of volunteers who are teenagers and adults who are blessing our community with their talents, love and compassion toward mankind.


Humbly Submitted for Review,


Maggie Hawkins, Community Facilitator

East 21 Street Alert Center

500 East 21 Street


Pettaway Neighborhood Meeting TONIGHT at 6pm

cropped-cropped-fotolia-youth-embracing-5-16-11.jpgThe PETTAWAY NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION Meets TODAY at 6pm., 21st Street Alert Center (East Broadway Alert Center) 500 East 21st at the corner of Commerce Street.  Come find out what’s happening in the community like the proposed development of the Old Job Corps building on Vance Street.  Participate in the City of Little Rock Cereal Drive to benefit those in need.  Pay your dues of $10 to support some of the great outreach activities and initiatives sponsored by your neighborhood association.  Come and meet your neighbors, friends and fellowship around the good things happening where you live.

21st Street Alert Center needs your cereal (Cereal Drive for Arkansas Food Bank)



Good morning to Pettaway Neighborhood Association Residents

The City of Little Rock is sponsoring a Summer Cereal Drive for the summer. This cereal will be donated to the Arkansas Food Bank for children, elderly and those who are truly in need of food  during the summer months in order to ensure that they will have breakfast.   There are cereal boxes that have been placed in alert centers, fire stations, and City Hall Rotunda.

The acceptable items are as follows:

  • Dry Cereal- boxes or bags at least 8 ounces
  • Breakfast Bars
  • Pop Tarts
  • Oatmeal
  • Cream of Wheat

I am asking each  residents within the Pettaway area to bring at least two boxes of the above items to 21 Street Alert Center.  Your participation in this drive is greatly appreciated and I thank you so very much for your continued assistance in whatever endeavor that I request of you.  The deadline for the Cereal drive is Thursday, June 27th.   If you would like for me to pick the cereal up from your home, please call me on my cell which is 584-7761.

Thank you for your continued support,

Maggie Hawkins, Alert Center Community Facilitator

500 East 21 Streets

Little Rock, Arkansas

Office No:  376-3406

Cell No:      584-7761

Pettaway Neighborhood Association Meets 6pm, Thursday, March 21st. at the East Broadway Alert Center

pettiway-park-neighborhood-association-logo-11.jpgThe Pettaway Neighborhood Association will hold its monthly neighborhood association meeting open to all residents of Pettaway community, their families and friends on March 21, 2013, 6pm at the East Broadway Alert Center.  The Pettaway N.A. meets on the third Thursday of every month at 6pm.  This  meeting will take place in the East Broadway Alert Center, 500 East 21st Street (at the corner of Commerce Street).

Come find out what is happening in and around your community.  Meet your neighbors. We look forward to seeing you.


Keep Little Rock Beautiful kicks off 4th annual city wide clean up at Pettaway Park

keep-little-rock-beautiful-logoKeep Little Rock Beautiful

Kicks Off tomorrow at Pettaway Park

The East Broadway Alert Center in conjunction with Keep Little Rock Beautiful will kick off its 4th annual city wide clean up event, 8:00 am, March 9, 2013 at Pettaway Park (corner of East 21st and Commerce Streets) in downtown Little Rock.  Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola will issue a proclamation to kick off the event.  Bring your rakes, pruners, garden gloves, good cheer and play your part in keeping Little Rock beautiful.  For a list of clean up locations click here.

KLRB will kick off 4th annual city wide clean up at Pettaway Park

keep-little-rock-beautiful-logoLittle Rock cleanup joins national efforts
an excerpt from Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
March 3, 2013

Keep Little Rock Beautiful will host its fourth annual city-wide cleanup March 9, 2013.

The nonprofit organization promotes litter pickup, recycling, city beautification and community improvement.  The cleanup will take place in conjunction with similar events across the country in march for the Great American Cleanup, which involves an estimated 3 million volunteers throughout the nation.

Little Rock’s cleanup will kick off at 8 a.m. at Pettaway Park at East 21st and Commerce streets.  Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola will issue a proclamation before volunteers get underway.

A recycling trailer will be located at the East Broadway Alert Center at 500 E. 21st St. for bottles and cans collected during the pickup.

The organization chose the Pettaway neighborhood as the large group project for the cleanup because of the effort residents have put into cleaning up the neighborhood and reclaiming it from its former reputation as a center of gang activity.

Neighborhoods all over Little Rock are encouraged to host and organize cleanup activities and can register their events with the Keep Little Rock Beautiful staff for help, supplies and T-shirts for volunteers.  Last year, 38 groups registered cleanups.


Keep Little Rock Beautiful Kick Off at Pettaway Park, Saturday, March 9, 2013 at 8:00am


Pettaway Park

Pettaway Park



We are looking forward to the March 9th clean-up which is being sponsored by the Keep Little Rock Beautiful Committee and if it was not for your willingness to assist with this endeavor as you did in previous years this event would not be possible. We are also asking all volunteers, civic groups and church groups to meet us in front of Pettaway Park on Saturday, March 9th in order to have the annual Kick off site in our area at 8:00 a.m.. Mayor Stodola will make the presentation in order for the event to start.

This year we are going to concentrate on Pettaway Park in cleaning it along with some of our other problematic spots.  If you know of an issue that we should address during the clean-up please let me know.  Since we have a shortage of rakes and other tools we would appreciate it if you could bring a rake or a shovel if you have one. 

Here is the plan that was discussed for improving the appearance of the park during the upcoming March 9th City Wide Cleanup


1.  Rake and bag all of the leaves and debris along the perimeter fence.  Parks & Recreation will bring 6 leaf rakes.


2.  Cut the vegetation and overgrowth along the perimeter fence and around the trees that are in need of this.  Parks & Recreation will bring 4-limb loppers.


3.  Rake the debris from the rocks that surround the playground equipment.  Parks & Recreation will bring 2-garden rakes.


4.  Limb up around a select number of trees that have low-hanging limbs that interfere with people walking about the park.  Parks & Recreation will bring 1-manual pole pruner.


5.  If time permits or a number of people bring their own leaf rakes, rake and bag as much of the park grounds as possible.


A  box of KP 3858 Heavy-Duty black plastic bags be brought by Parks & Recreation to use for the leaves and debris.