Keep Little Rock Beautiful kicks off 4th annual city wide clean up at Pettaway Park

keep-little-rock-beautiful-logoKeep Little Rock Beautiful

Kicks Off tomorrow at Pettaway Park

The East Broadway Alert Center in conjunction with Keep Little Rock Beautiful will kick off its 4th annual city wide clean up event, 8:00 am, March 9, 2013 at Pettaway Park (corner of East 21st and Commerce Streets) in downtown Little Rock.  Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola will issue a proclamation to kick off the event.  Bring your rakes, pruners, garden gloves, good cheer and play your part in keeping Little Rock beautiful.  For a list of clean up locations click here.

KLRB will kick off 4th annual city wide clean up at Pettaway Park

keep-little-rock-beautiful-logoLittle Rock cleanup joins national efforts
an excerpt from Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
March 3, 2013

Keep Little Rock Beautiful will host its fourth annual city-wide cleanup March 9, 2013.

The nonprofit organization promotes litter pickup, recycling, city beautification and community improvement.  The cleanup will take place in conjunction with similar events across the country in march for the Great American Cleanup, which involves an estimated 3 million volunteers throughout the nation.

Little Rock’s cleanup will kick off at 8 a.m. at Pettaway Park at East 21st and Commerce streets.  Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola will issue a proclamation before volunteers get underway.

A recycling trailer will be located at the East Broadway Alert Center at 500 E. 21st St. for bottles and cans collected during the pickup.

The organization chose the Pettaway neighborhood as the large group project for the cleanup because of the effort residents have put into cleaning up the neighborhood and reclaiming it from its former reputation as a center of gang activity.

Neighborhoods all over Little Rock are encouraged to host and organize cleanup activities and can register their events with the Keep Little Rock Beautiful staff for help, supplies and T-shirts for volunteers.  Last year, 38 groups registered cleanups.


Keep Little Rock Beautiful Kick Off at Pettaway Park, Saturday, March 9, 2013 at 8:00am


Pettaway Park

Pettaway Park



We are looking forward to the March 9th clean-up which is being sponsored by the Keep Little Rock Beautiful Committee and if it was not for your willingness to assist with this endeavor as you did in previous years this event would not be possible. We are also asking all volunteers, civic groups and church groups to meet us in front of Pettaway Park on Saturday, March 9th in order to have the annual Kick off site in our area at 8:00 a.m.. Mayor Stodola will make the presentation in order for the event to start.

This year we are going to concentrate on Pettaway Park in cleaning it along with some of our other problematic spots.  If you know of an issue that we should address during the clean-up please let me know.  Since we have a shortage of rakes and other tools we would appreciate it if you could bring a rake or a shovel if you have one. 

Here is the plan that was discussed for improving the appearance of the park during the upcoming March 9th City Wide Cleanup


1.  Rake and bag all of the leaves and debris along the perimeter fence.  Parks & Recreation will bring 6 leaf rakes.


2.  Cut the vegetation and overgrowth along the perimeter fence and around the trees that are in need of this.  Parks & Recreation will bring 4-limb loppers.


3.  Rake the debris from the rocks that surround the playground equipment.  Parks & Recreation will bring 2-garden rakes.


4.  Limb up around a select number of trees that have low-hanging limbs that interfere with people walking about the park.  Parks & Recreation will bring 1-manual pole pruner.


5.  If time permits or a number of people bring their own leaf rakes, rake and bag as much of the park grounds as possible.


A  box of KP 3858 Heavy-Duty black plastic bags be brought by Parks & Recreation to use for the leaves and debris.

4th Annual City Wide Clean Up — Keep Little Rock Beautiful


January 16, 2013


Dear Pettaway Neighborhood Association Leaders and Residents: 

Keep Little Rock Beautiful would like to invite your neighborhood organization to join us on March 9, 2013 (from 8:00 until noon) for the 4th Annual City Wide Cleanup. As an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, we are again organizing this effort as part of the Great American Cleanup, the largest grassroots cleanup effort in the nation. 

Our goal is to empower and energize the citizens of Little Rock to take action in the areas of litter prevention, community improvement, recycling, waste reduction, and beautification. We are reaching out to Neighborhood Associations, churches, civic groups, schools, youth organizations, businesses and others to join us in our endeavor. 

In the first three years of the City Wide Cleanup, we have made great strides in improving the appearance of neighborhoods throughout the city. The amount of litter and trash collected has fallen each year. We see this as a good thing. There is less “mess” out there to collect due to our cleanups. 

However, we can’t do it without YOU and YOUR Neighborhood, friends and partners. We invite you to help us by organizing your neighborhood to participate in this annual event. 

Keep Little Rock Beautiful will be able to provide some resources (trash bags, safety vests, and gloves for volunteers). Requests should be made when you tell us of your neighborhood’s plans. A limited number of dumpsters will be available. Dumpsters must be requested no later than February 22.

“Keep Little Rock Beautiful” – Saturday, March 10, 2012

March 10, 2012 is “Keep Little Rock Beautiful” day.  Pettaway residents will support the effort by doing street clean ups and providing dumpsters in designated places for community use.

Meet at the East Broadway Alert Center, corner of Commerce and 21st Streets, 8:00 a.m.  We will be picking up the neighborhood and sharing our neighborhood pride.

For more information contact Maggie HawkinsEast Broadway Alert Center Facilitator at or call 501.376.3406.


Keep Little Rock Beautiful

March 10, 2012 is “Keep Little Rock Beautiful” day.  Pettaway residents will support the effort by doing street clean ups and providing dumpsters in designated places for community use.

Volunteers are needed to serve as block captains, to identify and provide areas for temporary dumpster location sites and to lead groups on street cleaning details.  Come on out and show your neighborhood pride.

For more information contact Maggie Hawkins, East Broadway Alert Center Facilitator at or call 501.376.3406.