Pettaway residents observe national night out 2011

Petttaway community observes national night out

Pettaway residents came out to observe National Night Out, Tuesday, October 4, 2011 at the neighborhood alert center (East Broadway Alert Center). The Pettaway Neighborhood Association extends a heartfelt “thank you” to Alert Center Facilitator, Maggie Hawkins and the Alert Center Team for organizing this annual observance. Nearly 50 Pettaway residents including children came together to fellowship and celebrate community.

Mrs. Boyle, Pettaway's oldest resident

The program included presentations from the City of Little Rock Code Enforcement Team, Fire Department, COP Officer Nellums, Ward 1 Board of Director, Erma Hendrix, Pettaway Neighborhood Association President, Carol Tabron, Mayor Stodola and more.

Pettaway residents

Residents heard from the longest residing Pettaway resident, Mrs. Boyle who recently turned 97 years young. She shared how she has seen the community transition and stuck around when it was experiencing significant challenges including issues of safety and general neglect of services and attention.

Pettaway residents

She talked about the work that went into acquiring the Alert Center and supporting the community. Mrs. Boyle stated that we in the room are the community and welcomed the new families into the neighborhood.

A wonderful and inspired evening was had by all.

Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola

Community Oriented Policing: Don’t be a victim

Community Oriented Police

Be mindful of people who stop by your home.  Are they there for legitimate reasons or are they there to case your home?  I don’t have to remind you of how desperate times are right now.  That person who is in your yard or knocking on your door or keeps walking or driving by really slow past your home; do you really know them?  Have you seen them near your home before?  You hear, what they are saying, but what do they really want.  Unless you know them and really trust them, never let them into your home.  NO matter what their reason for stopping by is.  Some of the excuses that are commonly used are as follows:

“I need to use your telephone because I have an emergency.”

“May I use your bathroom?”

“I would like to know if you need to have your lawn mowed, raked or trimmed?”

“Would you like to buy this or that?”  Don’t be a victim!

Please remember to get their description!  Remember to observe what they are wearing, what is their approximate age, what is their height and weight, what is their hair color  style, and the type of automobile that they are driving. Also try and get the tag number.

Don’t be a victim!

Officer Nellums D.T. C.O.P.P.

Key of the City presented to the Aledo Methodist Youth Group for service in Pettaway area

Bruce Moore, Little Rock City Manager commending Aledo Methodist Youth Group

Bruce Moore, City Manager presents "Key to the City" to Aledo Methodist Youth Group

Maggie Hawkins, Facilitator, East Broadway Alert Center introduces City Manager


Neighorhood recipients of Aledo Methodist Youth Group home renovations

Neighborhood recipients and Aledo Methodist Youth Group