Notice of Public Hearing | Thursday, July 11th at 4pm | Proposed Planned Development (2020 Vance Street – formerly the Job Corps Building and Red Carpet Inn)

pettiway-park-neighborhood-association-logo-1.jpgPlease note a Public Hearing on the Paradise Group LLC proposed Planned Zoning Development will take place 4pm, Thursday, July 11, 2013 at the Board of Directors Chamber, Second Floor, City Hall.  Please attend your support is needed.

The Pettaway Neighborhood Association is opposed to the Paradise Group’s proposed Planned Zoning Development in the Pettaway Community located at (2020 Vance Street, Little Rock – formerly the Job Corps Building and Red Carpet Inn). To read a letter submitted to the Little Rock Planning Commission detailing the Pettaway N.A. opposition to the proposed planned development click here:  Page One | Page Two

To read the City of Little Rock Planning Commission Staff’s denial recommendation of the Paradise Group plan click here.

To read a recent article about the Paradise Group proposed planned development published Sunday, July 7, 2013 in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, “T’s not crossed in home for girls: Old LR building rehab up for vote.”  click here.


Please attend this meeting to voice your opinion on this proposed planned development in your community.






Texas nonprofit likes look of vacant LR site

Job Corps Building

Job Corps Building

An excerpt from Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Texas Nonprofit likes look of vacant LR site
by Claudia Lauer
March 11, 2013

A potential buyer has plans to give the former Job Corps building on Vance Street in Little Rock new life.

A pending-sale sign was posted recently on the side of the eight-story building, which has sat vacant since 2008, and a Texas nonprofit organization has made several pitches to city officials and Pettaway Park residents over the past month regarding what the nonprofit wants to do with the building.

Paradise Victory Cathedral World Ministries hopes to turn the building into the Ida B. Wells Home for Pregnant Girls, according to a written proposal submitted to the Pettaway Neighborhood Association in February. Julius J. Larry III, a spokesman for the company, did not return phone calls seeking comment Friday.

A formal plan had not been submitted to the Little Rock Planning Department as of Friday, and staff members said the deadline for the next Planning Commission meeting cycle was Monday at 5 p.m. The proposal would not be heard until early May if it is submitted after that deadline.

Planning Department Director Tony Bozyinski said he had a brief conversation with the potential buyers and said staff members suggested that the nonprofit file a request to have the zoning changed to that of a planned development district.

The written proposal submitted to the neighborhood association includes building a commercial kitchen and cafeteria, and administrative offices on the first floor.The nonprofit hopes to attract law offices and a beauty salon, as well as build classrooms, a nondenominational chapel and an office for The Little Rock Sun Community Newspaper on the second floor.

The third through seventh floors would be converted into dormitory-style housing and bathroom facilities. Under the preliminary plan, each of those floors would have a medical office for prenatal emergency needs.

The eighth floor would be used for a boardroom, banquet hall and space for a community radio station.

It was unclear in the written plan whether any such businesses have signed on to lease space or be a part of the architectural process. No businesses aside from the newspaper were mentioned by name.

To read the rest of this article click here.

Pettaway N.A. Meeting Thursday, February 21st, 6pm to discuss plans for Job Corps building with potential new owners

Job Corps Building

Job Corps Building

Pettaway N.A. will have it’s monthly Association meeting, 6pm, Thursday, February 21, 2013 at the East Broadway Alert Center (500 East 21st Street at Commerce Street).  At this meeting Dr. Julius Larry III, representative for The Paradise Group LLC/Paradise Victory Cathedral World Ministries (Houston, TX) will their plan (Ida B. Wells Home For Pregnant Girls) for the old Job Corps Building.  Currently, a sign affixed on the building states “sale pending” for the property.  Come hear and share your thoughts regarding the potential new owners of the Job Corps building and their plan for it as well as other news and happenings in the community.

Click here to view Ida B. Wells for Pregnant Girls mission statement and plan

We look forward to seeing you.

First Pettaway Neighborhood Association Meeting of the 2013 Year!

Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 6pm is the first Pettaway Neighborhood Association Meeting of the Year!  Come, bring your neighbor and friends and find out what good things have been taking place in your neighborhood.  Snacks and Beverage will be shared at this meeting to celebrate our new year.  Fellowship, get involved.  Annual dues are $10 and although they are not mandatory for both your participation and representation they support your association.   See you Thursday!

Pettaway Neighborhood Association Meeting Tonight at 6:00 pm

Monthly Pettaway Neighborhood Association meeting convenes Thursday, April 19, 2012 at 6:00 pm.  Among the items to be discussed will be the Central City Overlay.  Tom Bozyinski, Director of Planning & Development for the City of Little Rock will lead this discussion. Reports will be given by the East Broadway Alert Center Facilitator and COPP Officer.  Come out and meet your neighbors and find out what is happening in your community.

Key of the City presented to the Aledo Methodist Youth Group for service in Pettaway area

Bruce Moore, Little Rock City Manager commending Aledo Methodist Youth Group

Bruce Moore, City Manager presents "Key to the City" to Aledo Methodist Youth Group

Maggie Hawkins, Facilitator, East Broadway Alert Center introduces City Manager


Neighorhood recipients of Aledo Methodist Youth Group home renovations

Neighborhood recipients and Aledo Methodist Youth Group

East Broadway Alert Center

East Broadway Alert Center

We the staff of East Broadway Alert Center which is located at 500 East 21 Street would like to welcome you to our neighborhood. The telephone number at the alert center is 501.376.3406.  Now we are sure you are thinking to yourself, “what is a Neighborhood Alert Center?”  Well a Neighborhood Alert Center is the heart of the city’s neighborhood alert system that consist of Neighborhood Businesses, Neighborhood Religious organizations, Resident Organizers or Associations, Neighborhood Facilitators, Resident Volunteers, Neighborhood Support Centers, Neighborhood Schools, and Civic groups.

Our center offers a variety of city services and resources directly to you as a resident.  Our Alert Center serves as a link between City Hall and area residents, religious groups, businesses, schools, youth groups, neighborhood associations and civic organizations.  By working together, citizens and community leaders can improve conditions in their neighborhoods and enrich the quality of life for themselves and their neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Alert Centers have been established in various neighborhoods throughout Little Rock with the primary purpose of enhancing the quality of life for residents by establishing safe, healthy and attractive neighborhoods.  Neighborhood alert centers provide easy access to these basic city services such as:

ENVIRONMENTAL CODE ENFORCEMENT — Provides code enforcement and rental inspections on violations concerning environmental codes, deteriorating homes, abandoned cars, weed lots and trash.  Your code enforcement officer’s name is Freddie Davis and his email address is

FACILITATOR — Provides access to resources for the prevention, intervention and treatment of various problems within the community for the residents, coordinates strategic planning for community work plans; opens the alert center for various meetings and events of area neighborhood associations, and other civic groups that assist in enhancing the community.  The Facilitator works with businesses, churches and other entities to assist in improving conditions for the residents of the City of Little Rock.  Your Facilitator’s name is Maggie Hawkins and I look forward to hearing from you and visiting with you and my email address is

COMMUNITY ORIENTED RELATIONS OFFICER — Provides overall safety and crime reduction through community policing by developing positive and visible relationships with neighbors.  Your Community Oriented Relations Officers’ name is Officer Charles Nellum and his telephone number is 501.376.3406.

Community volunteers are an integral part of the success of each Alert Center.  They work to strengthen Little Rock’s neighborhoods.  Volunteer activities include:

  • Neighborhood Clean-Ups
  • Neighborhood Association Meetings
  • Block Parties
  • Other activities that residents plan for the benefit of community.

Our motto for our community is “together we can continue to build a safer and a stronger community. Drop by the center, call with your questions and be the community you want to see.